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In the summertime, days are long, the sun shines, and most people are outside enjoying the warmth while it lasts. But once winter hits, the days become shorter and colder, making it harder for people to exercise, much less want to go outside in the first place. In addition to that, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are just around the corner, bringing with them plenty of food and desserts. Here are four ways you can keep yourself fit during the wintertime without breaking the bank or sacrificing a holiday feast.

Set small goals for yourself

When it comes to exercising and working out, a lot of people want to reach all their goals all at once. They’ll set huge goals with a deadline of “ASAP,” and will dive head-first into a health-based lifestyle that they’ll quickly outgrow. To avoid burnout or disappointment, start small. Adjust your breakfast. Order water instead of soda or alcohol. Take a walk every day. Once you accomplish these small goals, reward yourself for a job well-done, and work your way up from there.

Try some winter sports

If working out is generally dull or tedious to you, you could always try participating in a winter sport such as ice skating or snowboarding. While purchasing the gear for or visiting locations dedicated to these activities would be an investment, they’re investments that you could get plenty of mileage out of. For many, there’s nothing as refreshing as gliding across an ice rink or weaving down a snowy hill. Grab adventure by the horns and have fun while getting fit this year!

Take time out of your day to exercise

This is a great tip to follow at any time of the season, especially if you are a very busy person. If you are new to exercising, you should start small then slowly build up your workout sessions. For example, you can start working out for ten minutes a day, and once you get used to that, you can increase that amount of time. You could also cut your workouts into small bits. If you want to work out for an hour a day, you could work out for twenty minutes, take a break, then do it again until you reach an hour. You don’t have to have a sink-or-swim mentality when it comes to exercise; do what feels right and don’t push yourself too hard from the get-go.

Create an indoor workout routine

Just because it is cold and rainy outside, doesn’t mean you should work out less or stop until summer comes back. You can do indoor yoga, buy a stress ball, set a time out of your day to work out with an online trainer or you could also join an indoor workout program in your city or neighborhood. There are options for people at any budget, and you’re bound to find an activity you’ll enjoy.