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Physicians recommend 150 minutes of cardio a week for the average adult, but that’s not always easy to achieve. After all, working a full-time job on top of keeping up with your home life and social life can be exhausting enough. Would you really want to throw running into the mix? The problem is, cardiovascular exercise is important, and should become part of your routine. Cardio maintains the circulatory system, lungs, and more, helping you live a longer, healthier life. Here are some great ways to incorporate cardio into your lifestyle without spending hours on a treadmill.

Fix Up Your House

From vacuuming to gardening, mopping to dusting, household chores can actually count as cardiovascular exercise. Think about how you have to really stretch to fit the vacuum under the couch, and consider how much squatting and movement is involved in planting petunias. Those tough chores, like scrubbing the tub and reorganizing the heavy boxes in your closet, can burn calories and help you achieve your health goals. Plus, they’ll have your house looking great!

Stand More Often

Prolonged periods of standing can actually be a great way to get light cardio. Research has proven that increasing your time spent standing can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels while improving heart health. Consider checking out a desk that can be adjusted to a standing height, as these help people work while also improving overall health.

Get Walking and Biking

There are all sorts of surprising ways to fit walking into your routine. In the office, you can take a lap around the building while chatting with a coworker. That serves as a bit of light exercise as well as a nice break. Outside of work, if you’re running errands, try walking to places instead of driving, and pace a bit while waiting for buses or food pickup. If the store is a bit farther than you’d want to walk, try biking there instead. That way, you’re exercising, running errands, and helping the environment. 

Find More Active Pastimes

Cardio doesn’t have to be isolating. In fact, some of the best cardio workouts happen when you spend time with friends and family. Invite others to play tennis, hike at a local state park, or even visit an axe-throwing bar. You’ll make great memories and benefit your overall health at the same time. Hiking in particular is a great option, as it’s a free activity that burns plenty of calories. If your friends would rather partake in sedentary activities, look for groups in your area that regularly visit hiking trails or local parks. Doing this can lead to new friendships and a healthier lifestyle.