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Some people have a hard time finding the time to get in a good workout. Exercise has been known by many to be the act of doing a long, vigorous set of movements. However, exercise can be anything pertaining to physical movement. And, it doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. People can burn calories without even knowing it by incorporating more of the following into their day-to-day lives:


Walking is a simple way to exercise. A person can go hiking with their friends. There are many parks with nature trails, beautiful scenery, and lovely terrain. Individuals will be so caught up in the atmosphere that they will forget they are burning calories during their hike.


Music has the power to make people lose track of time and space. Daning is a great way to exercise without trying. Dancing can be done free-range or one can participate in the many dance tutorials online to some of their favorite songs. Dancing not only works up a sweat but it also alleviates stress and mental fog.


For those who have joint problems or want to alleviate joint pain while still burning calories, swimming is a good way to burn calories. The impact on the joints is significantly reduced and people can move about more freely. Whether it be the backstroke, breaststroke, or butterfly strokes, swimming is a fun way to exercise without even noticing it.


Cleaning is something everyone does in their home daily. Because it is such a common habit to clean one’s home, it isn’t always seen as exercise. However, cleaning has the potential to burn a lot of calories whether it be mopping the floors, scrubbing the bathtub, or sweeping the house. This is a productive approach to exercising without trying.

Yard Work

Like house cleaning, yard work is a good way to knock out the chores and also get a good workout in. Sweep the driveway, mow the lawn, garden, trim the hedges, or landscape the front yard. Also, yard work allows one to get a good amount of sunlight and their recommended dose of vitamin D.

Park at the Far End of a Parking Lot

Instead of finding the nearest parking spot next to the door, one should intentionally park as far as possible. This means that one must walk a longer distance from and to their car, allowing them to burn more calories.