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Shane T. Frank

COO at alliantgroup

About Shane T. Frank

Shane T. Frank is a successful entrepreneur with an extensive background in corporate law and operations management. Based in Houston, TX, Shane is a co-founder and the Chief Operations Officer of alliantgroup, a national specialty tax service that assists businesses, and their corresponding CPAs, in maximizing available tax credits and other various incentives.

The foundation of alliantgroup was initially laid in 2002, when Shane and several of his colleagues found themselves discussing the tax code and various ways one could maximize their tax credits. It was then that the young professionals realized a majority of small- and
medium-sized businesses were missing out on a crucial opportunity: receiving a specific R&D tax credit, which had been in existence since 1981. With that fact in mind, Shane T. Frank and his colleagues set out to provide a solution to this unknown issue, and ultimately created the thriving company we know today.

Now, over 16 years later, alliantgroup employs more than 600 individuals with dynamic backgrounds in industries, such as engineering, agriculture, architecture, and software development. Furthermore, the company’s qualified representatives are proud to have helped
over 12,000 businesses claim more than $6 billion in tax incentives, to which they were fully entitled.

A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Shane earned his B.A. in Government in 1994. Shortly after graduation, he began his professional career at a prominent corporate law firm. During his tenure, Shane thrived, representing a number of Fortune 500 companies and being made a partner prior to starting his own business. Even so, Shane’s time spent in that corporate capacity eventually inspired him to spearhead the National Operations and Tax Controversy practice, a branch of the alliantgroup enterprise.

Outside of his daily responsibilities, Shane T. Frank dedicates much of his time to enhancing The Frank Family Foundation, a fund his family established to provide financial assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs within their community. As a part of that initiative, Shane gifted funds to his alma mater and created the Leonard Eichner Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Engineering in honor of his late grandfather.

Granted, Shane’s academic career was not centered around engineering. However, he has witnessed the inherent value of technical disciplines first-hand, as a number of alliantgroup employees have backgrounds in such fields. As such, Shane and The Frank Family Foundation wish to build up students interested in enhancing their technical skills, equipping them with the means necessary to find success before and after graduation.

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